20. Sep, 2018

Star Ocean Till The End Of Time Full Movie In Hindi Free Download Hd 720p

Star Ocean: Till The End Of Time Full Movie In Hindi Free Download Hd 720p ->>> DOWNLOAD

A young 19 year old college student Fayt Leingod and his family are having fun on their vacation in Hyda. While Fayt and his childhood friend Sophia Esteed strolls around the hotel and play...

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original title: Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

genge: Action,Adventure,Drama,Fantasy,Mystery,Sci-Fi

imdb: 9.1

keywords: spacewar, fictionalwar




































A young 19 year old college student Fayt Leingod and his family are having fun on their vacation in Hyda. While Fayt and his childhood friend Sophia Esteed strolls around the hotel and play the battle simulator, an unknown space force attacks Hyda. Fayt and Sophia were forced to evacuate the hotel and they meet up with their parents. However, Fayt and Sophia were separated from their parents after their escape route falls under attack. Fayt and Sophia later boards the Helre that is heading to Remote Station #6. But however, the Helre went under attack by the space force and everyone was forced to evacuate. Fayt and Sophia boards their escape pods, but they were separated and Fayt lands in the planet Vanguard III. With Fayt by himself, how will he able to find a way back to Sophia and his parents? Fayt must do something about this. Grade:A

Review: This is one of the most wonderful games I have ever experienced. It has A huge world to explore all while developing a massive storyline that is so very well written and orchestrated. It is amazing as you see the depth of the characters and you feel the stunning looking environments around you.

Graphics:While the graphics are not quite realistic as some games they still work well with the setting and the feel of the game. There are many detailed surrounding that will make you stare in awe every time you explore a new place. Characters::The story explores all the emotions and feeling of all the characters and expresses them through beautiful cinema as you advance in the story. The characters come to life as you explore many(Many) side quests and communicate with the many NPCs in the game.

Storyline: This is some of the best story telling I have ever seen. While this game keeps in the tradition of the world setting of most RPGS it explore the many places a world can take you. You explore waring counties and watch as you are stuck in the middle. You explore many places on quests to get yourself back home while so many spectacular events unfold upon yourself and your band of friends that help you along the way. You eventually find you destiny and will come to understand the reason why all of the events had happened. The story does not stop here there is a lot that you must learn. While exploring the game you are taken through a couple of ship each individually unique and impressive. A begging planet(that as well is still amazing to explore the amazing detail put in on the under civilized planet. A warring world between 2 religions. A great mystical planet that lets you venture to the unknown as well as the town that it leads to.( Iwill not ruin the surprise of the tremendous storyline. Even then as you explore 2 towns of decent sized proportions you will come to the final tower which is more than most games put into a level. It is massive and after you learn the truth and fight the final boss there is even more as you can create a clear game and find MORE places to explore more dangerous and fun than the last. This game has it all and will make you spend at least 80+ hours exploring the mystical worlds.

Battle System: The fighting system in this game is one of live action while you are still training moves and you gain xp after battle. you use SP points gained after leveling to raise your stats and you constantly will be training moves when you gain them after reaching certain levels. Each character is unique and has many moves than suit them well. Even with their own moves to specialize themselves there is also symbology which is as most people call magic. this game has a very nice amount of spells with dazzling graphics to show them off. you will wonder what awaits as you gain new spells for the main casters and you level up. With all the fun you will have training you will barely notice the many creatures in the lands you will be exploring. The creatures always fit the places they are put and all of them will also Be truly unique in fighting style and the actions they take. The are as fun to watch as looking at the beautiful landscapes around you.

Conclusion: This is one of the most well put together games I have ever seen. It has such amazing depth and storytelling that you wont want to put it down. It is by far one of the best RPGs ever told. This game has everything put together into one and a fighting system that is easy to grasp but very unique that is not done in many RPGs. This game has anything you would expect from and RPG and does it well. :P Have fun playing I know you will. There are so many interesting things about Star Ocean: Till the End of Time that it's rather hard to start at one specific point when writing a Review.

You'll start on Hyda IV with the unusual character name of Fayt Leingod. The name may sound somewhat unique, but his characteristics and personality are equivalent to your every day Star Trek Alien -- They all look the same. Don't get me wrong, I'm not speaking badly about Star Ocean 3: Till the End of Time. It has an amazing story with fantastic dialogue and beautifully rendered cut scenes.

Battles are similar to what you would experience in Final Fantasy. You'll fight your enemies on a Battle Field where everything seems to have been thrown in your favour.

You'll be able to attack with HP Attacks or MP Attacks. There's actually several Boss Battles in Star Ocean 3 which can be won in a matter of seconds.

Though the storyline is amazing, there are certain areas of the game where you will spend a lot of time backtracking, such as the Urssa Lava Caves. You'll spend an hour or more getting from the Mountain Path to the Urssa Lava Caves with nothing to your name except the items which are equipped. After which, everything which you have done in the past hour will have all been for nothing but a pounding headache when you have to backtrack way back to Airyglyph, then back to the Urssa Lava Caves for the one item which you couldn't obtain. This can take about thirty minutes for the experienced gamer.

Aside from this there is an amazing story with a wonderful twist which doesn't seem to quite fit the storyline, but still makes everything well worth the money.

Rating: 4/5


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